Sport Management


One of the activities of our agency is to represent professional and junior hockey players. We help our clients to plan and develope their careers. We offer a personal service tailored to suit the specific needs of each of our clients, thanks to which we are successful in providing a superior service throughout the duration of their careers.


We are mindful of all aspects necessary to ensure the comprehensive development of our young players, such as education, lifestyle and training regime, to ensure the mental and physical development neccessary to guide them on their way to a successful professional career.


Our goal is to maintain a close relationship with our clients, throughout their hockey careers and beyond.

We provide for our clients the following services:



Representation of players

  • Conclusion and renewal of contracts

  • Transfer implementation and loan

  • Organization of internship in foreign clubs

  • Planning of players careers



  • Selection of new talented players

  • Observation of current players


Other services

  • Providing medical and physiotherapy care

  • Individual training plans

  • Provision of diet programmes

  • Providing fitness training

  • Mental training

  • Marketing and Media

  • Education in foreign languages in case of foreign contracts

  • Tax and accounting advisory

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