Brumov-Bylnice / Czech Republic

22.07. - 28.07.2018


The camp is for players of all youth categories

(U6 - U16)


Players will be divided to separate training groups according to age (younger and older group) and skills

Ice Rink HC BB, Sports Academy BBSS

Sports Centre BBSS is one of the best sport centres in Czech Republic. In close proximity to the ice stadium are all other sports facilities and accommodation for players during the hockey camp.


In 2015, the Sports Centre BBSS completed another bulding part, which clearly ranked among the TOP destinations for preparation of hockey players in the Czech Republic. The important step was the construction of a large OFF-ICE training centre, where the players can find the most modern training aids - skatemill (running ice rink), shooting range (automatic pass according to the selected speed) etc.


At following hockey camps as well as during camps in 2017, we will be using services of the OFF-ICE centre - shooting range (during off-ice traning sessions). To individuals (upon request) we can provide/arrange the skatemill (beyond program of the hockey camp). 

Camp program:


  • 2 training sessions on-ice (training focused on developing individual skills, special skating training - powerskating, stick handling, practice game combination + specialized tranings for goalies)

  • 2 training sessions off-ice - on the field/gym (fitness training) + off ice centre (development of shooting)

  • Possibility to use the skatemill (not included in price) - under the supervision of coaches

  • Swimming pool - repeatedly during the camp (under the supervision of coaches)

  • Theory, regeneration, relaxing activities (tournaments in floorball, football etc.)

Options of accommodation:


Tourist hostel

Final price:                                330 EUR

hostel accommodation

Final price for siblings:        295 EUR

hostel accommodation

Final price for goalies:         280 EUR

hostel accommodation


Final price:                                  370 EUR

hotel accommodation

Final price for siblings:          330 EUR

hotel accommodation

Final price for goalies:            315 EUR

hotel accommodation

The capacity of hotel accommodation is limited, if you are interested in this type of accommodation make the application as soon as possible !!

Final price includes:


  • Training on-ice twice daily (total of 11 trainings)

  • Training off-ice twice daily (alternately field/gym - depends on weather/off-ice centre)

  • Opportunity to use modern off-ice centre

  • Accommodation directly in the Sports Centre BBSS (the hostel is situated just 200 metres from the ice rink / hotel is situated directly at the ice rink)

  • Full board (breakfast, I. snack, lunch, II. snack, dinner) / hotel restaurant at the ice rink 

  • Drinks throughout the day

  • Swimming pool (repeatedly during the camp)

  • Professional coaching team

  • T-shirt with logo of the hockey camp

  • Output certificate (in the form of individual assessment a player by coaching team)

Application deadline:      no later than 30/04/2018


THE REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS EXTENDED TILL 30/05/2018 - We accept just kids year of born 2005 and older (the younger category is already fully occupied)


No later than 30/05/2018 you must to pay non-refunable deposit in the amount of 50% of the total price. The remaining part must be paid no later than 15/06/2018.


Payment by bank transfer to the bank account listed below:


NUMBER OF BANK ACCOUNT:     115-129200257

BANK CODE:    0100 (Name of the bank: Komeční banka a.s.)

VARIABLE SYMBOL / SPECIFIC INFORMATION:      Day, Month, Year of Birth (e.g. 01012005)


IBAN:      CZ3901000001150129200257





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